Sunday, December 5, 2010

A stupid request

The legal adviser of UMNO requested the President of PKR Datuk Sri Wan Azizah be arrested under ISA yesterday.

In my opinion it is extremely sickening, stupid and ridiculous.It is really a stupid request.ISA should be abolished instead of being enforced.

Arresting a person under ISA for the statement he or she makes should never be impregnated. It is uncalled for.

How will he feel if the said legal adviser were to be imprisoned under the draconian ISA for making a political comment or statement.

Let's learn a lesson from the Singapore government, it never applies ISA on it's political opponents. The situation is totally different in Malaysia.

For example, the 'Operasi Lalang' launched by Mahathir had brought tragedy to its victims. Will ISA make Malaysia more peaceful?No way! The basic rights of Malaysian at large are seriously menaced by this unneeded act. ISA is also unconstitutional.

Be repentant BN, let's listen to the request of Malaysian people, abolish it so that this act will never threaten the fundamental rights of all Malaysians.