Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whether SPM students be forced to pass English to obtain SPM certificate

The Education Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin asked for the opinions and suggestions of Malaysian public on whether SPM students should pass English in the exam in order to get SPM certificate.

It is opined that this policy should not be implemented within these few years, instead the Education Ministry should try its best to enhance the proficiency of English among Malaysian pupils, students and undergraduates.

After the standards of English of pupils, students and undergraduates being raised, then we can make it compulsory for the students to pass English in the SPM examination. Or else, it will not be fair to pupils and students living outskirts, who most probably have no chance to speak, listen, read and write English.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Analysis of PAS 2009 party election

The result of PAS party election was announced last Saturday(6/6/2009). Nasharruddin Mat Isa was elected as the winner of deputy presidency of PAS with a majority of 199 votes against Husam Musa and Mohd Sabu. When N.Mat Isa declared as the winner,the representatives of the 'Muktamar'(AGM)cheered him no more.

Some political analyst claim that Ulama(Islamic scholars), incluse of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang and deputy president N.Mat Isa stil control the leadership of PAS. However, I beg to differ.

1)Husam Musa and Mohd Sabu, the candidates of deputy presidency who belong to 'Erdogan'(Professional)faction gained 53% of the votes of central delegates.
N.Mat Isa had actually been given a warning by rank and file of PAS that he should not go on having meeting with BN-Umno in order to form a unity government with BN.

2)Three vice-presidents and more than twelve central committee members who incline to Pakatan Rakyat(PR) and 'Erdogan'faction of PAS were elected. So 'Erdogan' faction actually had captured the central committee of PAS. It denotes that members of PAS reject the suggestion of forming unity government with BN.

The idea of forming a unity government with BN is just a tactic of PAS in gaining the leadership and premiership of PR which will most probably be given the mandate to rule Malaysia in the next general election of Malaysia.

Will BN, it is more probable to say Najib agree to form a unity government with PAS?No, definitely.

1)If a unity goverment of BN and PAS were to be established, th pre-conditions of PAS will definitely be the setting up of a PAS' version of Islamic State and premiership of Malaysian government. Najib will not take the risk to set up such a kind of government at the expense of losing the support of other component parties of BN and polarised the plural society of this beautiful nation,Malaysia.

2)PAS does know that it will deprive itself of the growing support of non-Muslim forever if it fuses with BN. So, it is not wise for PAS to take such a step to form a unity government with BN which highly unpopular to both Chinese and Indian Malaysian.PAS will also be rejected by its own grassroot members too.

So, it is still a good option for PAS to remain in PR so that it will be part of federal government of Pakatan Rakyat(People's Alliance) which different component parties respect each other.