Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Racial barrier falls!

Racial barrier falls!
Barack Obama has finally been elected as the first black president of USA. I congratulate him. It is hoped that God will bless him with the intelligence to lead the most advanced and strongest nation in the world.

So, what does the victory of Barack Obama mean to us as Malaysian? Can a Chinese, Indian or Kadazan Dusun become the Prime Minister of Malaysia? Let's refer to the case of acting general manager of PKNS, Low Siu Moi. Aren't there a lot of people against her appointment as the general manager of PKNS?

The victory of Obama means the start of the demise of racism. We need to change like Obama says. We should all abandon communal politics and build a Malaysia which is free of racism. Choose the best to lead this nation.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Will PAS join BN, should PR be given the mandate by rakyat to rule, but not setting up Islamic State?

Will PAS join BN, should PR be given the mandate by rakyat to rule,but not setting up Islamic State?

If the current political situation remains and BN does not bring about changes in its policies, ideologies and strategies, most probably BN will become opposition parties in the next general election.

So, if the change of government takes place and PR wins with a slim majority, it is highly likely that PAS will act as a kingmaker.

The current President of PAS Dato Sri Abdul Hadi Awang did mention in Harakah that PAS will not join the Cabinet if the majority of Cabinet Ministers are not Muslim and Islam nation is not set up.

Will PAS leave PR and join BN after the next general election, should PR be given the mandate to rule by the rakyat, but not setting up PAS version of Islamic State?It is opined that PAS will not join BN for the following reasons.

1)The grassroot members of PAS will not agree with PAS leadership to form the government with BN.

2)The grassroot members and UMNO supreme council will not allow PAS version of Islamic State to be set up.

3)The grudge between PAS and Umno is so deep that both parties will not co-operate. PAS trust DAP and PKR more.

4)What about the other component parties of BN?Do they support the PAS version of Islamic State that implements Hukum Hudud? Will Umno take the risks of separating with the other component parties of BN by forming government with PAS?

If PAS intends neither to form government with BN nor PR, it is possible that both PR and BN will form a unity government? Will PAS accept being marginalised?

So, for the reasons mentioned above,PAS will not break up with PR in these few decades, should PR be given the mandate to rule by the rakyat. PAS is given less option.

Monday, October 20, 2008



One of the most ridiculous,obnoxious and draconian law in the 'Universe' is the Internal Security Act(ISA) of Malaysia.

Recently, MP for Seputeh Teresa Kok, the senior journalist of Sin Chew Daily Tan Hoon Cheng, RPK and Hindraf Five incarcerated under the claw of ISA. However, two of them have already been released.

Section 8(1)of ISA states that:'If the Minister is satisfied that the detention of any person is necessary with a view to preventing him from acting in any manner prejudicial to the security of Malaysia or any part thereof or to the maintenance of essential services therein or to the economic life thereof, he may make an order(hereinafter referred to as a detention order) directing that that person be detained for any perion not exceeding two years'. And the relevant Minister has the power to extend the detention period indefinitely without trial.

Each and everyone of us may possibly be detained under the ISA when we are believed to be terrorist and dissent. The victims are denied the chance of defending themselves in an open court and the judiciary is also deprived of its right to administer justice under the ISA.

The situation mentioned above should not have arisen. If one has the proof against any person committing crime or involved in terrorist activities charge them in an open court. Why does one have to be a coward by making use of the ISA as a tool to oppress dissent?

ISA should be castrated to make it impotent so that the society at large will not be raped,the victims of the ISA can defend themselves in an open court and the judiciary will be able to administer justice.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My life

Hi to all my friends and the readers of my blog.

In the great world of internet as well as blogging I am just a greenhorn. If I write something wrong or illogical, please forgive me. I am not very proficient in English as I am Chinese-educated so please point to me the errors of my articles posted, for example, grammatical errors, your advice and comments will be very much appreciated.

My name is Joshua Tan Kok Hauw, a christian(presbyterian). I got to know God on
22nd April 1995.Jesus Christ is my Lord.

I am very much attracted to the sports of table-tennis and swimming but I have not exercised for a few years already. Nowadays, most of my time is spent on reading, especially newspapers and magazines , I can also devour a few copies of books in a few days.

One of my favourite hobbies is to chat away my life with my friends who come back to my hometown once or twice every month. So , what do we talk about? Politics, cars, information technologies , works as well as football.Deep in my heart, what I talk most are the topics of politics, religions and economics.

I am a supporter of opposition parties in Malaysia,inclusive of DAP,PKR and PAS due to the belief that they can transform Malaysia into a more liberal and democratic country. But when I make my comment in this blog I will try to be as objective as possible. I will pen most on politics and religion issues.

It is hoped that you will enjoy reading my blog. Thank you . God bless you.